IZMIRAN Geomagnetic Data Archive

The page gives access to VGMO geomagnetic data base for registered VGMO users who do not want or can not install WEB based or standalone version of VGMO on their own computers. Features of pure WEB version are very restricted relatively full VGMO. You have access only to some 1-min geomagnetic data. If you are not registered yet, please register to use WEB access to VGMO data base.

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Enter above 3 letters IAGA station codes (Ex: CMO CBB VOS ...) or logical formula to select stations according position (will be selected if true) using variable Lat, Lon, and logical operators "<",">", "and", "or", "("," )".  Lat (-90:90), Lon (0 : 360) -station corrected geomagnetic coordinates. Ex: (Lat>80) or (Lat<-80) will select both polar cap stations; (Lat<90) will select all stations (but the list may be large enough, you can not plot all at the same time).

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This effort was supported by the National Science Foundation grants ATM-9501380, OPP-9318766, OPP-9614175, OPP-9614189, and OPP-9801941.

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Last Update: Apr 2007  (VGP)